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At Triad: Our classroom is comfortable for everyone. We use tables and chairs so parents and students don't have to squeeze into small school style desks.

Other Driving Schools: Use small desks with attached seats.

At Triad: We give students the RMV driving manual to keep! This allows students to highlight and study whenever needed, even after completing the course (this may seem small but the RMV does charge us for these).

Other Driving Schools: Do not allow students to keep the RMV driving manual or to mark it.

At Triad: We pay for the RMV certificate as part of the tuition.

Other Driving Schools: tack on an additional fee for this certificate as a way to make more money after a student signs up.

At Triad: After your deposit is received, you can pay as much or little as you would like to fit your budget. We do ask that the balance is paid before the last driving lesson is scheduled.

Other Driving Schools: Have complicated payment schedules that do not allow for flexibility.

At Triad: We give a total of 3 exams throughout the 30 hour class. This ensures that a student is "getting it" and allows us to track progress.

Other Driving Schools: Only administer the RMV required final exam.

At Triad: Our program was designed by current or retired police officers and firefighters. As a student you are experiencing that knowledge throughout every class!

Other Driving Schools: Advertise that a police officer will visit for 1 session to talk to the students.

At Triad: We offer the option to MAKE YOUR OWN CLASS schedule as long as you have 6 or more students and it does not interfere with previously scheduled classes.  Contact us for more information!