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Road Tests

Road Tests


Road Tests Re-Start Wednesday, June 10th for Previously-Cancelled Customers

Road tests will be available for the public to schedule online beginning June 30th.

If you are a Triad student, we are pleased to assist you with taking a road test once you have completed all of your behind the wheel driving lessons. We make requests for weekend dates to the RMV approximately twice a month as well as offering daily appointments at local RMV branches.

The RMV requires a $35 road test fee and a $50 license fee. The $85 fee can be paid after you pass your road test. For more information about paying RMV fees please refer to the RMV website or call  857-368-8000. The above fees are in addition to the Triad Road Test Sponsorship fee and CANNOT be paid to Triad.

Wherever you take your road test, be sure to bring your learner's permit and a completed RMV Road Test Application and if applicable, your confirmation of RMV pre-payment of fees. If you have a "B" restriction on your permit, be sure to bring your glasses or wear your contacts when taking the road test. 


Road test dates are limited to 25 students on a first-come, first-serve basis and may be changed or updated without prior notice. We will resume making requests to the RMV for road test dates once they start testing again. 

Triad will FIRST be offering road test dates to students who were previously scheduled to take their road test in March, April and May and were cancelled due to COVID-19.



These one-hour lessons are available for Triad students who want to prepare for and review the skills necessary to pass the RMV road test. Students must be dropped-off and picked-up at Triad Driving Academy to maximize their learning experience. Please contact the office if you are interested in scheduling a road test prep lesson. This cannot be done online.

The RMV also recommends watching these videos to prepare for your road test.